Everyone deserves a break to indulge in blissfully good ice cream. We drive around the LA area to serve scoops of sweetness straight to your smiles. Made from premium ingredients our velvety ice cream is served in scoops, sandwiches and splits; topped off with good attitude.

Behind every truck is a sweeter story

Before gourmet food trucks became a thing, there was one man who diligently served home cooked meals throughout Los Angeles out of his truck and through the goodness of his heart. For over 45 years, Uncle Lau has served savory meals to hungry customers from Los Angeles all the way down to the OC claiming some of the the most popular streets as food truck destinations. His love to serving people never ceased when retirement was near. Uncle Lau decided to change gears and serve creamy cheer. With his talented daughter Connie providing the branding and graphics, Recess truck was born and blissfully good ice cream is served direct to Angelenos.

Today, their family friend Jessica Lo Ibarra and her husband Bernard Ibarra have taken the wheel of Recess to continue the Lau family’s business of good natured service in gourmet ice cream for catering, fundraisers, music events and special occasions.

We proudly feature Lappert's ice cream. You can now get some of their delicious flavors outside of Hawaii with Recess Truck. The SUPER PREMIUM ice creams contain NATURAL ingredients. Ice creams with a high butter fat content and low overrun (very little air whipped into the product) are SUPER PREMIUM. The manufacturing process results in a thicker, smoother, richer and creamier texture. Using only the freshest and purest ingredients, fresh cream and milk and flavor the creams with pure extracts. What it all comes down to is Great Taste!

The Recess truck can be seen serving happy customers throughout the Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego counties and at large holiday, music and food events. Recess will blow your guests away at privately catered parties with our fun truck wrap and delicious concoctions. We create special frozen treats for specific brand activations and consumer giveaways.